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The perfect platform for your favourite antiques and collectables. You can search for various collections ranging from 80s furniture, Porcelains, Jade Stones, Agarwood Oil, bracelets and necklaces, and more…

About Raymond Collections

Raymond Collection was founded by Raymond Lam Ping Wai. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Raymond has become an ambitious man. Subsequently he moved to Penang where he established a Raymond Series and eventually venturing into antique collection which is known as Raymond Collection.

Antiques and Collection

Raymond Collection features a vast collection antiques and collection ranging from local vintage and China’s Jingdezhen porcelains, vintage abacus, 80s “Yellow Flowering Pear” wood (a rare species of rosewood) furniture and many more. Antiquarians from all over the world can appreciate the antiques showcased in Raymond Collection, and you can make a purchase instantly if you see any piece of antique that clicks to your heart.

Jade Stones

The mysterious veil and the historical background of jade have attracted countless collectors. Raymond Collection has an exquisite collection of Jade Stones. Each piece of jade is unique and has a high appreciation value for you to appreciate and collect, and it can also be used as an exquisite collection as a gift for your family and friends.

Agarwood Series

Nowadays Agarwood has been made into bracelets and necklaces, and its aromatic resin has been extracted to produce Agarwood oil. Buddhists have widely used Agarwood in temples for purposes such as prayers, meditations and maintenance of praying instruments. Meanwhile, general public can use Agarwood in reduction of blood pressure, support a healthy liver and kidney functions on top of many other health. In addition, people who experiencing stress may benefit by wearing Agarwood bracelets or necklaces as it can help to induce calmness, relieve stress and helping to improve concentration.


Raymond Sensation is based on art, food, housing and behavior. The starting point is to use my perspective to explore more about Malaysia with you! Malaysia is a fascinating and diverse country with vibrant cities, breathtaking rainforests, stunning tourist attractions, fine antiques and even paintings by talented local artists. Whether you are a cultural seeker, a nature lover, or just looking to travel the country in search of fine dining, Malaysia has it all.

Alone Better Together, my next step is to think about how to spread good things, share happy information, and live a relaxed and happy life with friends, so that I can sublimate my own happiness, Because happiness is indeed to be felt and experienced together with companions.


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