Raymond Collection features a vast collection of antiques, primarily focuses on local vintage and China’s Jingdezhen porcelains and 80s “Yellow Flowering Pear” wood furniture.


During 1950s and 1960s in Malaysia, you can find Roosters Bowls in the kitchen of almost every Chinese family. Artists paint the colourful roosters on each of the bowl produced manually, using a leisure combination of red, green and black colour. Each of these roosters painted are unique beautiful illustrations as it different from each other from its size, colour and appearance. Another uncommon tableware featuring roosters are Rooster Saucer Plates as most of the families in those era used bowls for their daily meals.


Munshou Longevity Vintage Porcelains, Linglong Porcelains (also commonly known as rice grain porcelains) and Chinese Klin Hand-Painted Cover Bowls are among the treasures in our amazing collection of China’s Jingdezhen’s vintage porcelains. As these Manshou Longevity Porcelain Bowls are produced during the Cultural Revolution era happening in China 1960 and 1970, they belong to a rare group of porcelains known as Cultural Revolution Style Porcelain. In the early days of People’s Republic of China, most porcelain produced was yellow in colour but the colour range soon expanded. All Munshou Longevity Vintage Porcelains have 4 equally spaces circles containing the word “萬壽無疆” in each of it, which translates as boundless longevity or everlasting long life.


Linglong Porcelains are one of the renowned ceramics produced in China’s Jingdezhen and it was commonly being used in Hong Kong hotels in between 1980 and 1990. The history of Linglong Porcelains can be traced back to the late of Ming Dynasty. The porcelains got its name “Linglong ” because it involves a unique technique by the potters. A rice-shaped hole resembles “Linglong ” is made at the thick walls of the rough and unfired porcelains, then filled with translucent glaze and finishing it with a firing of high temperature. The resultant porcelain then has a semi-transparent and delicate eyelet. Linglong porcelains often give a classic elegant look, thanks to the emerald-green flower patterns painted on it.


Another proud produce porcelain by China’s Jingdezhen is the Chinese Klin Hand-Painted Cover Bowls (Blue and White Pottery) with its history traced back to Ming dynasty. Every piece of the porcelain is unique because artists brush painting the decorations under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide. Blue and White Pottery has since fainting from the porcelains market due to the exorbitant high cost required to produce them, as every piece of porcelains required rigorous hand brushing works.


The “Yellow Flowering Pear” wood furniture produced in the 1980s in our collection is renowned for its soothing golden-yellow colour. It exhibits darker heartwood, usually red-brown or dark-brown colour, with a solid texture and a faint nice herby scent. It is worthy to mention that “Yellow Flowering Pear” furniture are regarded as premium furniture and highly favoured by skilled craftsmen during Ming and early Ching dynasty due to its colour, quality, texture and scent.


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